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Sports Sponsorship Placement & Negotiation

Sports Sponsorship Contract Negotiations

Sports Sponsorship Placement & Integration 

Sports Sponsorship Reconciliation

The foundation of every sports marketing plan begins with strategy, then negotiation, then placement and finally the process ends with reconciliation.  It’s a competitive market and the stakes are high. You need to hire a seasoned professional that has the relationships and the experience to negotiate, place and track your sports marketing investment.

Sports Sponsorship Contract negotiations Sports Sponsorship Placement & Integration Sports Sponsorship Reconciliation

Garage Naming Rights With The Orlando Magic

Sports Sponsorship Contract Negotiations:

Are you being offered the best deal? Are you sure you are getting the best media placement? Have you negotiated value added elements into your sponsorship package?  These are just a few of the nuances that go into sports sponsorship contract negotiations. With many years of experience and great relationships with teams and networks across the country we are able to negotiate great deals for our clients.

The bottom line is you need to use a professional agency to place your sports marketing dollars.  It will save you a ton of money and you will receive better placement. Like any service, sports marketing is done best when it is done by professionals.

We’ll make sure you get your sponsorship at a great price, that your goals are met, your contract meets your legal team’s requirements and that all elements of the sponsorship package are in place.

Sports Sponsorship Placement & Integration:

The sports marketing world has changed!  Today we have many in-stadium/in-arena opportunities, regional sports networks and numerous interactive online opportunities. When negotiated and placed correctly these will work together.  With so many different options and levels of integration we can customize your sponsorship based on your needs and budget.  Depending on your company’s goals, we can also multi-tier in stadium signage, with local media (TV, radio, social media) and in some instances we integrate national media with your local media.

As an example, for one of our clients we focus on premium placed stadium signage that can be seen on national TV, on regional sports networks and inside the stadium.  Finding the correct sports marketing package to meet your company objectives is a complex task we are equipped to handle.

Because of our relationships, we also get the first opportunity to look at potential sponsorships of new programming.  We can present you new opportunities before the rest of your competitors see them.

Sports Sponsorship Placement & Reconciliation:

One of the biggest complaints clients and agencies have is that their media sponsorship did not run as ordered and that can cost you a ton of money.

As part of our process all media deals are reconciled by affidavits provided by the stations.  We have three different sets of people look at them to make sure the times and the separation between your spots and competitor spots is correct.  These factors are very important and we make sure they match up properly.  If spots did not run correctly we can find different cost savings for our clients.  This added value is critical.  If you don’t use a professional, this potential value to your company can be lost.

 As a partner with Geico we are proud to help them with their sports sponsorship placement, negotiation and integration.