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Mills Marketing & Communications currently negotiates college sports sponsorship deals, with a variety of elements, with many teams and we maintain deep relationships across the league and conferences.  These sponsorship programs include signage, local television, in-arena activation and social media components.   We also sponsor in-game television segments and local pre-game and post-game shows.

Here are some of the college sports sponsorship elements we activate for our clients

  1. College sports sponsorship packages deliver great opportunities for fan interaction. We help clients engage directly with fans by setting up booths during tailgates of football games and other events.  A physical connection with a fan during a time of fun and excitement can provide incalculable value for your brand.
  2. We fully integrate the broadcast and telecast of college games with features and billboards.
  3. TV visible signage to deliver your brand message to the fans attending the event, to the audience viewing the games on the regional television network and to national television audiences.
  4. Most of our negotiations include signage.
  5. In-arena/stadium activation at the event.
  6. Local and regional in-game television segments and local pre-game and post-game shows.
  7. Interactive social media components.

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