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Regional Sports Network Advertising

The regional sports media landscape has changed dramatically over the years.  Initially teams were apprehensive about airing home games on TV for fear of losing out on ticket revenue. The creation of regional sports networks has actually had the opposite effect, the networks have created a larger fan base and increased ticket sales.  Today there are over 40 regional sports networks in operation.  These regional sports networks give marketers a tremendous way to build their brand and promote products and services to a passionate and loyal audience.

Regional Sports Network Advertising and Mills Marketing & Communications Activation

Here are a few of the Regional Sports Network Advertising elements we activate for our clients

  1. In-arena/stadium promotions that integrate with the regional sports network broadcast.
  2. We fully integrate the broadcasts with features and billboards.
  3. Our in-arena and stadium signage contracts are negotiated to ensure premium signage placement that will be seen by regional television audiences.
  4. Many of our client engagements include custom promotions and activations.
Drew Mills founder of Mills Marketing & Communications on the GEICO Sportsnet Comcast set with Julie Donaldson

Drew Mills founder of Mills Marketing & Communications on the GEICO Sportsnet Comcast set with Julie Donaldson

regional sports network advertising Mills Marketing & Communications

NESN Program Sponsorship

We can help you navigate the Regional Sports Network Advertising landscape and find a sponsorship that fits your needs.

If you are looking for a sports marketing agency to work with or simply have questions about the industry we would love to talk with you.  You can call us at (301) 208-9130 or email us at

Some other important regional sports network advertising facts…

  1. Studies have shown fans prefer watching their favorite teams, when given the choice, on regional sports networks rather than a nationally televised broadcast.
  2. Many regional sports networks carry several teams from different sports which gives good year-round exposure for marketers.
  3. Fans often have regional devotions to sports. Branding your business through a regional sports network can keep your brand in the minds of consumers year-round.
  4. If negotiated properly, regional sports networks, are a great value.  They give you access to enthusiastic audiences in large geographic areas.

*More Regional Sports Network Advertising & Sponsorship Facts and Statistics

  • *From 2012-2014 Regional sports networks average annual viewers were MLB: 4.54 mil, NBA: 2.26 mil, NHL: 1.9 mil. Each of these represented the highest amount of viewership of the sport compared to other carriers of live sports.
  • **Each regional sports network televises an average of 148 MLB game per season, a majority of which occur during prime time.
  • **17 MLB Teams rank in the top 3 for prime time ratings for their respective regional sports network.
  • *33% of Regional sports network baseball and basketball fans earn over $100k per year.
  • *37% of regional sports network hockey fans earn over $100k per year.
  • *48% of Regional sports network baseball fans are college educated.
  • *50% of regional sports network basketball fans are college educated.
  • *52% of regional sports network hockey fans are college educated.
  • *During 2013-2014 Regional Networks were the single biggest entities of collecting fan impressions for MLB: 85%, NBA: 43%, and NHL: 87%.
  • *Regional Sports Network viewers are twice as likely to recall the program sponsor as prime time viewers.
  • *Regional sports networks have a 378% advantage over ESPN in gross reach.
  • *Regional Sports networks attract men ages 18-34 more than any other prime time network
  • *Regional sports network viewers are 3 times more likely to watch with friends/kids than prime time network viewers.
  • *Primetime viewers are 3 times more likely to skip through your commercial than regional sports network viewers.

***“Regional sports networks are the single biggest change [in sports TV] over the past 25 years. They put out the entire slate of games of the local team, and that feeds the beast. Big time live sports is more important than anything else on American television”- Dick Ebersol, Former Chairman of NBC Sports

***“Thanks to regional sports networks, there are more Major League Baseball games available locally than ever before, and ratings reflect the intense passion fans feel for their teams.  Fans see and experience the sport through the lens of their home team, which drives interest.”-Kyle Sherman, Executive Vice President, Home Team Sports


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