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Sponsorship Activation

With over 40 years of experience and thousands of negotiated, placed and managed sports marketing contracts we understand what needs to be done in order for you to be successful. We are a leading national, regional and local sports marketing agency with access and relationships across all professional leagues and many college teams.  We’re also active in golf and we’ve negotiated millions of dollars in regional sports network deals.

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Sports Marketing Consulting Services

As the saying goes… We’ve been there and done that!  With over 40 years of experience in the sports marketing industry we have the relationships, expertise and knowledge  to teach you how to get the best possible deal.   The fact is clients and most agencies don’t have the relationships and the years of experience to properly advise you on your best path to success. We can help you create a great game plan that will cater to your specific needs.

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Media Placement & Negotiation

Are you being offered the best deal? Are you sure you are getting the best media placement? Have you negotiated value added elements into your sponsorship package?  There are many things that go into contract negotiations, these are just a few. With years of experience and great relationships with teams and networks we’re able to negotiate great deals for our clients. We have the experience to negotiate, place and track your sports marketing investment.

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Mills Marketing & Communications Inc. has been a key strategic partner with GEICO for nearly two decades. During that time, GEICO has seen unprecedented growth. Today GEICO is recognized as a trailblazer in the sports marketing arena thanks in large part to the work of Mills Marketing & Communications Inc. GEICO relies on Mills for negotiation, their creative execution and activation with our sports partners. They have helped GEICO create success through sports!

Ted Ward

Retired Vice President of Marketing, GEICO

I'll start by noting that we (HTS) have been working with Drew for many years on GEICO. As a partner, Drew is from the "tough and fair" school. He is demanding and clearly states his expectations upfront. He also recognizes the nature of partnership and possesses a deep understanding of the sports business. Proud to say that we have helped Drew play a role in GEICO's success over the years with high impact, scaled opportunities. We value the relationship and Drew feels the same, that's how great deals get done...

Kyle Sherman

EVP, Home Team Sports

Drew is the epitome of the sports adage that "relationships determine results". There are very few who can match his network of business contacts and the impact of the ideas he generates. Drew has been a consistent, reliable and trustworthy business partner (and eventually good friend) to me over the last 20 years. We have been able to craft productive sponsor activation and brand integration under different headers at multiple properties.

Drew is remarkably easy to work with and handles all challenges as opportunities to find new, creative solutions. Much of what he produces is the byproduct of his vast sports industry experience and the game changing programs that he has rode point on. He is truly a pro.

It has been my pleasure working with Drew for all these years and the success we have had together is certainly based in the strong relationship we have built. His team at Mills Marketing consistently drive results for the New York Jets.

Jeff Fernandez

Vice President Business Development and Ventures, New York Jets


I have known and worked with Drew for over twenty years. Drew was one of the early pioneers of investing in Regional Sports Networks, doing so on behalf of GEICO in the Atlantic Coast Conference when I was at Raycom Sports. Drew understood the passion, loyalty, and engagement of RSN viewers and, as opposed to other "buyers", Drew "invested" his client's ad dollars. He is a "tough but fair" negotiator and a great champion for his clients. We continue to do business today at NBC Sports Regional Networks, and I look forward to more years of doing business together.


Ray Warren

President, Telemundo


I have worked with Drew for the past 7 years on the GEICO partnership with the Orlando Magic. We worked together to create a founding level partnership and the naming rights for the GEICO Garage at Amway Center. The GEICO garage has become one of the top recalled entitlement areas for the Magic. He is a veteran in the sports sponsorship industry and extremely knowledgeable on how to best leverage the partnership to meet his clients needs. It is a pleasure working with Drew.


Catherine Young Carlson

SVP Revenue and Strategy, Philadelphia Eagles

Drew is an experienced marketer with vast knowledge in the sports and entertainment industry. He uses strategic expertise to align brands and properties in partnerships that leave a lasting impact. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Drew for the past 18 years and would definitely recommend Mills Marketing to any brand looking for an experienced agency to expand their portfolio of sports and entertainment partnerships.

Jim Cochrane

Senior Vice President, Partnerships, Texas Rangers Baseball Club

I have enjoyed working with Drew and his staff for the past several years. He is great to work with and I think he has an incredible grasp of the sports marketing space in today's ever changing media landscape. I wish all my clients activated their products as well as he does for Geico.

Robert Goodman

Senior Associate Commissioner, Colonial Athletic Association

I’ve had the pleasure to know Drew personally and professionally for over 15 years. Drew is an expert in negotiating partnerships that deliver results for his clients. His knowledge of the media and sports sponsorship industry is without peer. In addition, the staff at Mills Marketing & Communications provides clients with best in class service and innovative activation strategies.

Mike Iaquinta

Director, Business Development, Arizona Cardinals Football Club

I've worked with Drew for the past 12 years or so. Drew has great depth of experience and is extremely knowledgeable in sports media, marketing and sponsorships.

He is a staunch advocate for his client and extremely thorough in analyzing opportunities, negotiating agreements and reviewing deliveries and annual sponsorship and marketing programs. He does all of this in the best interest of his client (as well he should) yet in a respectful, collaborative manner.

This has contributed greatly to our long-running partnership - one we value greatly!

Jeff Tennant

Senior Vice President, Sales, Raycom Sports


I have personally worked with Drew for over 10 years. He is the consummate business professional with a long history in the field of media as it relates to sports and marketing. Over the years we have negotiated multiple long term contracts. I have always found Drew to be straight forward, fair and with the best interest of his clients at the forefront.


Jim Ford

Retired V.P. Director of Sales, Raycom Sports

Drew Mills is one of the most accomplished, professional, and business savvy sports marketers across the advertising landscape. Drew’s vision and vigor to get deals done has created a lasting impact and has truly delivered real results. Mills Marketing and Communications stakes a clear claim as one of the leaders in the sports marketing industry. Drew Mills and I have been working together on behalf of Geico for nearly ten years building long lasting partnerships with the regional television sports networks and Geico. Always thinking outside of the box and how to best leverage the clients business goals, Drew Mills truly knows how to build towards the most effective cross platform partnerships that can be achieved. The proof is in the results as can be observed with the continued and growing success of Geico as one of leaders in their industry.

Jeff Parent

National Ad Sales, Home Team Sports / FOX SPORTS


I have known Drew Mills for over 30 years and done business with him in the NBA, NHL and MLB - Drew is the consummate professional and has been one of the most creative sponsorship deal makers in the sport industry.


Tom Ward

Sports Marketing Consultant

I have worked with Drew for 15 years. Over that time we have developed and implemented successful marketing programs using high profile platforms in the NHL, MLB, NCAA and for a PGA Tour event. His approach is more strategic and hands on than most marketers. Then when you factor in that he builds a true, meaningful, relationship with you, it is no surprise that his clients are loyal and that he delivers results.

Cullen Maxey

Executive Vice President, Business Operations, Arizona Diamondbacks