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College Sports Sponsorship

More than 190 million fans follow college sports in America.  Of these fans, more than 89 million are women, the largest number of women in any fan base.  There is data to suggest that NCAA following is growing even stronger.  “The 2015 NCAA tournament averaged 11.3 million total viewers, up 8 percent from last year (10.5 million viewers), and is the highest average viewership for the NCAA tournament in 22 years (12.7 million; 1993).” –

College Sports Sponsorship and Mills Marketing & Communications Activation

Mills Marketing & Communications provides unprecedented access to the colleges and aggressively negotiates sponsorship programs for our clients. We understand the powerful impact of college sports sponsorship programs and we’ve been activating college sports sponsorship programs for over 16 years.

Here are some of the college sports sponsorship elements we activate for our clients

  1. College sports sponsorship packages deliver great opportunities for fan interaction. We help clients engage directly with fans by setting up booths during tailgates of football games and other events.  A physical connection with a fan during a time of fun and excitement can provide incalculable value for your brand.
  2. We fully integrate the broadcast and telecast of college games with features and billboards.
  3. TV visible signage to deliver your brand message to the fans attending the event, to the audience viewing the games on the regional television network and to national television audiences.
  4. Most of our negotiations include signage.
  5. In-arena/stadium activation at the event.
  6. Local and regional in-game television segments and local pre-game and post-game shows.
  7. Interactive social media components.

College Sports Sponsorship Is All About Activation!

GEICO College Basketball Sponsorship

ACC College Basketball Tournament

ACC College Basketball Tournament

ACC College Basketball Tournament

Below is an image from one of the many college promotions we execute for GEICO. As you can see, we take over the arena with the on floor promotion and signage everywhere.

College sports sponsorship

Villanova Half Time Activation

We can help you navigate the college sports sponsorship landscape and find a sponsorship that caters to your specific needs.

If you are looking for a sports marketing agency to work with or simply have questions about the industry we would love to talk with you.  You can call us at (301) 208-9130 or email us at

*More college sports sponsorship facts & statistics

  • *More than 190 million fans follow college sports
  • *More than 89 million women follow college sports
  • **The 2015 NCAA tournament averaged 11.3 million total viewers, up 8 percent from 2014


*Data from from April 3, 2015

**Data and information from